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It was a little quiet in the custom world this week with not too much (or at least anything too substantial coming down the wire). That said, one interesting news announcement came from Paranoid Android. Over the last few weeks and months, it has been a little up-in-the-air as to what was happening with Paranoid Android. For those who remember, a number of the Paranoid Android team was picked up and recruited by OnePlus to be the brains behind their recently released (very) close-to-stock OxygenOS. At the time, this seemed to surprise many users and seemed to explain why the Paranoid Android Lollipop variant was taking its time to be released. This was further confirmed when the PA team officially announced their 'joining forces' with OnePlus back in February. This was also the same month when they finally announce an alpha version of their 5.0.2 Lollipop build.

Well, this weeks' announcement confirms some changes to the legacy side of Paranoid Android. For those unsure, the legacy support is basically support for most non-Nexus devices. In the announcement, the PA team announced a more formal splitting of the 'Official' and 'Legacy' support models, with the Legacy side now adopting the AOSPA-L  tag, opposed to AOSPA for the Nexus based side. In terms of end user difference, it is not clear as to what differences (if any) this will make. Although, the announcement does state that the Github account for Legacy devices has now changed to reflect AOSPA-L. They also did announce that the change will result in differences to the release cycle with the AOSPA-L now planning to focus on weekly or bi-weekly releases going forward. If you are interested in knowing more, then you can read the full Google+ announcement on the matter by clicking the link below.


AOSPA-L on Google+

In other news

Well, not much was noted this week other than AOSPA-L. Although Oppo did send out a blog post updating their users on the long-awaited Android Lollipop based ColorOS v2.1. The update stated that the final release is still a few weeks away. Although, to try and tide those who are waiting, the announcement also did include a sneak peak into the design of ColorOS v2.1. The peak included stills of the fonts, colors and wallpapers which will be on offer. You can check out the announcement and how ColorOS v2.1 will look by clicking the link below.

ColorOS V2.1 Preview

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