ZTE ZMAX Returns To Normal Service And Now Available Again From T-Mobile

April 27, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Generally speaking, devices have a certain lifespan. This is probably more predictable than other products and industries due to the quick turnaround of the smartphone world. Each year, typically, a device becomes replaced by another, this leads to a drop in price of the former until the second generational successor is announced. At some point, the sales (or lack thereof) just tips a device into the status of ‘no longer available’. However, occasionally, devices become much more unceremoniously retired. For instance, just under two weeks ago, came the reports that T-Mobile was immediately halting all sales of the ZTE ZMAX.

At the time, little was known about the reason behind the pulling and whether other carriers were going to follow suit. However, within 24 hours of the ZTE ZMAX receiving its marching orders, reports starting to come in which explained that the reason behind the halting of the sales, was due to customers not realizing the battery was a non-removable battery and therefore, trying to remove the battery. Apparently, the number of occurrences happening was enough for T-Mobile (and ZTE) to pull the plug on the device. One of the reasons which might have led to the confusion was that in spite of a non-removable battery, the device does come with a removable back.

Well, either way and whatever the reason, if you had been thinking about picking up the ZTE ZMAX on T-Mobile, then the latest news is that the device seems to have gone back on sale. Just like in the original reports, today’s reports highlight another leaked memo (below) which confirms that the ZTE ZMAX is now safe to hit the store shelves again. It seems the investigation which commenced following the halting of the sales found that it was only a small number of people who had been trying to remove the back. As such, the device was being returned to its rightful place on the shop floor. That said, the new leaked memo also does come with clear instructions that staff are to actively advise and inform customers purchasing the device, that it does not come with a removable battery.

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