ZeroLemon Releases Battery Case for the Galaxy S6 For Just $29.99

April 22, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

ZeroLemon has become pretty popular for releasing huge extended batteries. In fact, there is a 10,000mAh extended battery for the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4 out there. That’s some pretty crazy battery life there. Now that Samsung has decided to go with a non-removable battery this time around, ZeroLemon had to do something a bit different, and went with a battery case. So what we have here is a case for the Galaxy S6 that also has a 2800mAh battery inside, that’s larger than the 2550mAh battery inside the Galaxy S6.

What’s even more surprising here, is that ZeroLemon has made a case here that actually looks pretty nice. Traditionally, ZeroLemon’s cases have made your phone look like a giant brick – especially if you have a Galaxy Note 4. But this time around, they went with some curves and such, and it actually looks pretty decent. It does have a microUSB port on the side to charge the battery and the Galaxy S6’s battery. Although, it does not support Qi Wireless charging. So as long as you have this battery pack on your Galaxy S6, you can say good bye to Qi Wireless charging, unfortunately. However, this case may make it a bit easier to hold onto the Galaxy S6, given that it does have a glass back there. And this case appears to be made of soft-touch plastic.

This ZeroLemon Battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 typically goes for about $59.99. However, to celebrate its launch, ZeroLemon is offering the case for just $29.99. So you can hop on over to Amazon now and pick it up for just $29.99. Which is a really great price. However, their orders do not get fulfilled by Amazon, which means now Amazon Prime Shipping, unfortunately.

ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S6 2800mAh Slim Power Battery Case