YouTube Partnering With Top Content Creators To Bring Original Content

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YouTube has over the years, become one of the most popular ways for people to consume their favorite type of media, videos. What started out as a service that contained nothing more than bad home-made videos of people doing funny and or stupid things, has blossomed into a great source for great original content. YouTube has even taken steps to help their content creators make better content by launching YouTube Spaces all over the world. Now, it looks as though the folks over at YouTube want to take things a step further with some of their best content creators such as Smosh.

This morning, YouTube has announced (via their blog) that they will be partnering with four of YouTube’s top content creators to bring people a ton of new original content. Those content creators consist of the Fine Brother, Prank vs. Prank, Joey Graceffa, and last but not least, Smosh. Between all of these mentioned YouTube stars are billions of views and tens of millions of subscribers. What it seems like YouTube will be doing with these fine folks is assisting them in creating some great new shows that all offer their own unique spin.

The Fine Brothers will be creating a show that is a satirical look at singing competitions that will be produced in partnership with Mandeville Films. Prank vs. Prank will be creating a show where they attempt to pull off some of their biggest pranks ever with the addition of some celebrity guests. Joey Garceffa will lead an “all-star cast” of fellow YouTubers in a new murder mystery reality series he will be creating. Then we have Smosh, the two will be working at a theme restaurant where “out-of-control kids and crazy parents” will be a daily challenge.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, YouTube has also announced that they will be collaborating with AwesomenessTV. With them, YouTube plans on releasing a few feature length films over the course of the next couple of years. These collaborated feature length films will, of course, include some YouTube stars. The films will premiere on YouTube first and then become available elsewhere afterward. YouTube says that we can expect to see the first of these feature-length films sometime this fall.