Yerdle Offers The Ability To Sell Your Stuff For Free And Buy Stuff For Free


There is very little doubting that apps are big business at the moment. Some apps are generating significant revenues and pulling in some serious profits. That said, over very recent times, it is being noted that there is a serious shift in the marketplace towards, well, marketplaces. In April, the 'Share Economy' seems to be a thriving part of both the app and browser markets. Whether you are looking for a place to stay with Airbnb, catching a lift through Lyft, or simply looking for something new and away from the norm on Etsy, places where one user can share their home, car, products or service seems to be what the public are interested in.

Well, if that sounds like you, then you might like to know about a new app which has now launched on android. Yerdle is kind of like eBay but not. It is a marketplace where you can sell your goods, bits and pieces and anything that you no longer need. However, different to eBay, users do not sell for money. In fact, users are expected to give the stuff away for free. All the buyer pays is the shipping, which seems to be a flat rate of between $4-6. If you are asking what is the point, then that is simple to answer. In return for giving your stuff away for free, you earn 'Yerdle Reuse Dollars' which you can in turn, also use on Yerdle to get some stuff for free. Well, besides the shipping. Sounding more interesting now?


Well, that is the principle behind the service. To sign-up is free and all users have to do to sell something, is simply take an image of the items(s) they are happy to give away for free and that is it. The buyer will pay for shipping, Yerdle will send you a free shipping label and you can start earning your Yerdle Reuse Dollars to get stuff for free. In fact, to get you up-and-running, Yerdle are currently offering users who sign up $25 Yerdle Reuse Dollars. If you are interested then click the source link below to head over to the Play Store listing.

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