Yallo: a New Phone App that does so Much More than Make Phone Calls

April 28, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

Yallo is a new app designed to put the ‘fun’ back into phone calls, or as they put it: “Ambitious Start-up Seeks to Restore Innovation and Imagination to the Phone call.”  While they believe that text messaging, photography and video have their place – WhatsApp, Snapchat, Meerkat and Instagram have constantly improved on these methods.  Yallo believes we can do so much more with the forgotten phone call and is about to reinvent it so people will fall back in love with Yallo’s version of the twenty-first century phone call.  You can now download the Yallo App for Android and experience “never-before-seen powers” for your next phone call.

Tal Elyashiv, CEO and founder of Yallo said, “We are reinventing the voice call, top to bottom.  The human voice is the most powerful and nuanced communications medium.  Text and messaging have their role, but we seek to restore the voice call to the center of our communication palette, with ongoing innovations that meet the needs of today’s highly-engaged personal and business lifestyles.  We are a platform for voice disruption—what AT&T and Bell Labs were in the 19th and 20th century, we are in the 21st century.”

Yallo turns your smartphone into a productive tool by adding features, and there is no reason to get a new number…Yallo will work with your current number.  New features, such as ‘For the Record,’ that allows you to save your phone conversations.  You can ‘listen’ to a call later, you can forward a call to someone else and even search for keywords or phrases in a phone call.  Keep it for as long as you need and then delete it.  You can even ‘Transcribe Your Voicemails’ automatically to an email – no more starting and stopping as you type them.  ‘Call Caption’ lets you notify the receiver of the call why you are calling before they answer – write a quick message so they can decide if they want to answer or not.  Using Yallo’s ‘Flex” feature allows to move calls from one device to another – start your call on your phone, then jump to your PC, laptop, tablet and back to your mobile phone again.  What if you have a business partner, a spouse or and you are waiting for an important phone call?  No problem, ‘Busy Buster’ allows Yallo to gently but firmly interrupt a call to connect you – and busts through the busy signal.

There are many other reasons to like Yallo – if you need to call internationally, Yallo claims they have the lowest rates in the industry.  ‘One Click Group Call’ allows you to start a group call with the simplicity of a chat room.  ‘Connection Keeper’ holds on to your connection when the signal fades and then automatically restores it when the signal returns and if you need to make a phone call where you have no signal – no problem if you have a Wi-Fi connection and Yallo.

While Yallo is free over the next few months, Yallo is not a free app and charges range differently depending on if it is business, student or personal account.  There is a monthly fee for professionals, for students it works as a freemium – the basic package will be free, but using some of the more advanced features require a premium package or pay-per-feature.  If you invite friends to join you can get credits you can use rather than paying for Yallo.  International calls will cost on a per-minute rate.  So check it out while its free and see if Yallo is the answer to your phone calling needs.