Xiaomi's April 23rd Event Will Be Live Streamed For Anyone Not Able To Attend

AH Mi Note Xiaomi Logo 11

With large events and device announcements from tech companies, it’s customary for them to not only hold a live event somewhere, but also have a livestream for everyone else who can not attend the event. Not all companies do this though. In the case of Xiaomi and their upcoming event for the 23rd of April, Xiaomi states that they will be holding their first ever “Global” Mi phone premiere in New Delhi, India, which is scheduled to take place on that day at 3:30 pm IST. For those wondering, that will be 3:00 am PST here on the west coast, and 6:00 am on the east coast. While being able to attend the event in person would be enjoyable for many consumers who are interested in Xiaomi products, the option isn’t always available to those who live outside the region where the events are held.

For anyone who won’t be in New Delhi for the event this week, Xiaomi has a couple of ways for you to participate in the all that’s happening. They have a live Twitter feed going that should have updates and teasers leading up to the event, which will also likely have all the relevant updates while the event is happening. You can engage with the live Twitter feed by tweeting with the hashtag #MiLaunch2015. This will be a perfect option for anyone who may not be able to view and video feeds at the time of the event, but for those who are able, there will also be the livestream that we mentioned earlier.

Xiaomi has a countdown page where the livestream can be viewed the day of and the page is live now so you can bookmark it for when everything begins. The livestream of the event will also be in English, so for anyone wanting to watch the event stateside, it’ll be easy to gather every single detail about what’s going on. Xiaomi is expected to be launching a new device at this event, which some have rumored to be the Mi4i although nothing is confirmed officially. Xiaomi recently sent out a series of teaser images through their official Facebook page which give out hints about this device, accompanied by the message “i is coming.” Some speculate that based on these teaser images the device being unveiled could be of a more high-end nature.