Xiaomi Report 2.12 Million Phones Were Sold In Today's 12 Hour Sale


It has been a busy twenty four hours for Xiaomi. In fact, it has been a busy week for the Chinese company. That is, as it is their fifth anniversary. It is strange to think of the company as being so young, since they are so often in the headlines. But they are, and this week has seen them celebrating their anniversary. In fact, very early today it was being reported that Xiaomi were holding their now-traditional one day sale to mark the anniversary. The sale which was the conclusion to the 'Mi Fan Festival 2015' was a twelve hour sale in which a large number of their devices and products were reduced in price.

In fact, Xiaomi were not shy on actually making it clear, that they intended to sell two million devices during the 12 hour sale period. Well, now that the sale has ended, the company has released a statement detailing how they did. And to say they have done well, would be an understatement. According to the details, Xiaomi exceeded their 2 million target and realized sales totaling 2.12 million phones. In turn, this saw a recorded revenue for the twelve hours of RMB 2.08 billion, which equates to roughly $335 million. Remember that is in twelve hours. This was a significant achievement, even by the company's own standards and easily excels their previous anniversary and one day sales, in both number of phones sold and revenue generated.


Part of the reason for the increase this year, would have came from the first time inclusion of a number of newer markets for Xiaomi. These include India and Indonesia, taking the total number of markets Xiaomi direct sell into, to seven. However, it was not only smartphones the company managed to shift in the twelve hours. Instead, Xiaomi have announced they also managed to move 38,000 Mi TVs as well as over 770,00 smart appliances. That is on top of the 200,000 Mi bands and 247,000 Mi Power Strips they also managed to sell. So much so, that Xiaomi have announced the revenue from accessories alone came to RMB 190 million, in the same twelve hour period. In total Xiaomi state that they received over 3.05 million orders online during the 12 hours. So, all-in-all, a rather good day for Xiaomi.

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