Xiaomi Announce "Global Mi Phone Premiere" Set For April 23rd In India

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Xiaomi is in the headlines again today. In fact, barely a day passes where the company does not make the headlines in some capacity are not. Typically, the headlines revolve around how well the company is doing, how much they are selling and what records they are breaking. The latest such example came a few days back, when the company announced that they had sold 2.12 million smartphones in a one-day sale, which lasted only twelve hours.

Well, this morning’s news came in the form of what seemed to be a teaser that the company were planning to launch some sort of new (possibly GPS-based) product on April 15th. However, there had also been rumblings that the company was planning on holding a launch event a week later on April 23rd. Well, the latest on this last point, is that Xiaomi has now made the details of the event public. In terms of those details, the event is going to be held in New Delhi, which does see a step away from their more traditional China-based events. Not to mention, highlights their intention to become more involved in the Indian smartphone market. Other than this, the event does clearly state that this will be the global launch of their next Mi Phone.

Although, speculation will be immediate about the so-called next “Mi Phone”, it seems unlikely it will be the follow up to the Mi 4, as this is expected to be announced a few months from now and there is already speculation that the expected date might be delayed further. One interesting aspect of the invite is that the headline reads “i is coming”. There does not seem to be any clear indication of what this might be referring to. However, as this states that it is a “global launch” it will be interesting to see what it is. That said, the term “global launch” is most likely going to be slightly misleading, as this is unlikely to be a ‘global availability’ launch. Either way though, it will be a big event with the details noting that CEO & Founder Lei Jun, President and Co-founder Bin Lin and VP Xiaomi Global Hugo Barra will all be in attendance. With the 23rd just under two weeks away, there will be plenty of time for more details to emerge and speculation to mount.