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Australian Networks Lay Out Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Pricing

AH Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge_42



The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are set to go on general sale across the globe come April 10th, and many regions have already announced plans and pricing. Now, the Australian networks have outlined their pricing and the general consensus is that these latest devices from Samsung aren't going to be cheap. The big networks like Optus and Vodafone start from $80 a month for the Galaxy S6 and $85 a month for the Galaxy S6 Edge, but these are base prices. Vodafone starts at $80 a month with $10 or so in monthly repayments. Virgin Mobile and Telstra also have their prices available online as well. For more pricing and information, it's best to check out your network's website for concrete info.

Netherlands Prime Minister Praises Huawei's Decade-Long Contribution to Country's Infrastructure




Huawei is not just a Chinese company, and in fact they operate all over the world, mostly focusing on delivering networks and ICT support in parts of Europe. In the Netherlands, they've been around since 2004, and employ 650 or so employees, with the majority of those being Dutch citizens. On a visit to their headquarters, the nation's Prime Minister, Mark Rutte said that "Huawei has been active in our country for many years, where it continues to make a significant contribution to digitising the Netherlands; for example, building 4G networks, providing intranets for local governments, and installing Wi-Fi in Amsterdam's football stadium." The praise from the Netherlands comes during a week where the UK also signed off on Huawei's networks as posing no threat to national security. All-in-all, this has been a good week for Huawei and we're sure that their relationship with the Dutch nation will continue.

Sony Launch Snoopy Edition of Xperia J1 Compact in Japan




If there's one thing that the Japanese mobile industry is better at than anyone else it's releasing cute and fun limited editions of devices. For this Spring, Sony is releasing a Snoopy edition of the Xperia J1 Compact, which is essentially an Xperia Z1 Compact for the Japanese market. All the specs are the same here, and the device is mostly the same as well. What sets it apart is the Snoopy screen protector, the Snoopy case and a premium Snoopy leather pouch. On the software side of things, there are cool wallpapers and other touches to help people enjoy Snoopy. You can take a closer look in the gallery below.

LG Watch Urbane to Hit the UK April 27th

LG Watch Urbane AH11



The Watch Urbane from LG might be one of the best-looking Android Wear watches released to date, according to who you ask of course. It's headed to the UK starting April 27th, and just like fancy looking Android Wear watches, it's not going to be all that cheap. Clove UK has the device listed for a whopping £249, which isn't cheap, but it's still cheaper than an Apple Watch.

Pink Xiaomi Mi4 Gets Unboxed on Camera

Mi4 Pink 01


The Chinese market is not one afraid to market smartphones to women, and of course a lot of that comes down to color. As such, Xiaomi has put together a pink version of the Mi4, and while it's not quite available just yet, there's been some pictures floating around of the device being unbox and showed off on camera. For those interested, they can take a look at the gallery below for more images.

EE Gives Away Free Charger to Customers in the UK

EE Power Bar



This week, EE announced that they were giving away a free Power Bar to all of their customers in the UK. All they needed to do was to text a number, and that's it! It's a pretty neat idea, especially how quickly we can drain our smartphones using 4G these days. You can read more about the free Power Bar here, and while it isn't a huge battery or anything, it's certainly a nice reward for EE customers, and even better for free.

ZTE Sell Nearly 70,000 Nubia Z9 Mini Devices in 60 Seconds

ZTE Nubia Z9 Max and Z9 Mini_23

Not too long ago, ZTE release the new Nubia Z9 Mini and Nubia Z9 Max, and now there's word that the company recently sold 68,000 Z9 Mini devices in just 58 seconds. To read more about the device that sold so well, you can take a look at our post here. The question is however, will this be a one-hit wonder or is the Z9 Mini here to stay?


Sony's Xperia E4g Available in China

Sony Xperia E4 AH 012


Earlier this year, Sony released the Xperia E4g, a 4G version of the Xperia E4 which launched with a curvier design and excellent battery life. Now, this 4G version has been spotted by ePrice and will be available to order in China very soon. At 4,990 Yuan it's not super-cheap, but considering it's got full 4G support in China, this isn't a bad deal at all, especially if you're looking for a quality brand, too.

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