WIND Mobile to Revamp Plans, Pricing and Financing on April 9

April 7, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

WIND Mobile is changing more than just its executives around – they are changing just about everything  concerning their pricing and structure – the pricing plans will focus on lower prices, but also lower and stricter data limits.  They are revamping their WINDtab plans to make it easier to purchase those more expensive devices on any plan…read that as the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  These new changes and options will take place on April 9.

Let’s first look at the main pricing – the most expensive plan dropped by $10 and is now only $50 that offers 10GB of “full-speed” data and 1GB of US roaming.  You can tell from the options in the other plans that WIND Mobile is definitely ‘pushing’ users to select this $50 plan – and why not, with all that it offers.  Dropping only $5 to the $45 plan reduces your maximum data by one-half to only 5GB and removes the US roaming option – costing $15 a month as its own standalone option.  You can always add an additional 10GB of data for $10 a month…this would allow you to have a maximum of 20GB of data.

WIND Mobile, like other carriers, advertise ‘unlimited data,’ but after you use 5GB of data, they will throttle you to 256kbps on the download and 128kbps on the upload. After we get by the top two plans, the lower three plans – $25, $35, and $40 – were only tweaked a bit and all plans, even the cheapest one includes Unlimited Canada-wide Talk/Text/Video Messaging, Call Control and Voicemail.  The $35 plan offers 2GB of Data and the $40 plan gives you 3GB of Data…another reason to go for the $50 plan if you can swing it.

WIND Mobile also revamped their new WINDtab to where it applies equally no matter which plan you get, unlike before when the amount of your ‘tab’ varied by the plan price.  You can choose a $650 tab, payable in $25 monthly payments over two years – the $450 tab is paid back with $15 payments over two years – and $250 tab at $5 a month over two years.  If you check these numbers with a calculator, it is easy to see that they do not ‘add-up,’ but not to worry, WIND Mobile will make up the difference if you hang in for the full two-years.

It will be a while before WIND will launch its LTE network, but in the meantime they are updating to Dual Cell HSPA+ on its towers and improving the density on its existing network.  By lowering its pricing, they hope to draw in new customers and increase their subscriber base.

WIND Mobile April 9 Plan Changes