Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant Can Now Help Your Moto 360 Disguise The Black Bar

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Over the last few months there has been an almost endless number of watches on offer. Samsung have a couple, as does LG and Huawei have unveiled their late arrival the form of the Huawei Watch. However, one of the big hitters in the young smartwatch market was the offering which came from Motorola. This was the Moto 360 and almost immediately took the world (and market) by storm. There were a number of reasons as to why the Moto 360 did so well. However, it seems the biggest reason as to why the device took off so quickly and effectively, was a rather obvious one. It was round.

That said, the device was not truly round. Well, the watch face does come as a round watch face. However, the display is not an actual circle due to the black bar which hampers part of the bottom of the display. As such, this quickly became dubbed as the ‘flat tire’ look, due to its bottom deflated circle look. In fact, Motorola is largely reported to be working on their second generation watch is currently going by the “Smelt” codename. One of the features which has been rumored for the follow-up smartwatch, is the removal of the black bar, which will be a welcomed addition to those who already own the current model and plan to purchase the next.

That said, if you are currently own a Moto 360 and have become fed up of the black bar look, then it seems there are ways in which you can disguise the black bar. A prime example of  how to more effectively disguise the black bar comes from ‘Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant’ which received an update this week. The update brings with it a new ‘Little Worlds’ feature, which looks to hide the black bar behind scenes that incorporate the size and shape of the bar into the image. Not to mention, there are a bunch to choose from. Also, you can customize your own images to hide the flat tire. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then it does come at a price. The app costs $0.99 to buy and you can grab it by clicking the source link below. Although, for some, to get rid of the flat tire look, that will be a price worth paying. If you have yet to pick up the Moto 360 and are now thinking you might, then it is also worth pointing out that Google are currently selling the device for $165, in contrast to its usual $250 price tag.