Verizon Tells Its Customers That They Really Don't Want Unlimited Data


This morning a blog post was published to Verizon's blog by Jack E. Gold, who is the founder of J. Gold Associates LLC. What this blog post talked about will probably upset most people. In the post, Gold essentially attempts to convince Verizon customers that Unlimited data is a bad thing and that they don't really need it. What's worse is that Gold is subtly hinting throughout the entire article that carriers who offer customers unlimited data plans are bad and not looking out for the consumer.

Despite all of this, the worst part of the article is that it speaks to users almost as if they are dumb. For instance, in the fourth paragraph of the article Gold talks about how if Verizon upgraded their network to support offering unlimited data to its users, the users would have to pay for that. And that users should not want unlimited data anyways due to it causing network "traffic jams" that slow everybody's connection down. While there is more than likely some truth behind that second statement, it is not true to the extent that the article makes it seem. Gold makes it seem as if offering users unlimited data will cause everyone to have extremely slow internet connections throughout the day.


Then, Gold continues on to discuss a study that was done by Mobidia Technology, which outlined how much data the average consumer was using throughout the month. But, there was a catch to this data. It was a measure of data consumed over a month period on Wi-Fi only. It is almost guaranteed that most users are using more data on their mobile network as opposed to their home Wi-Fi. This is simply because most people tend to use their phone a lot when they are out for doing things like checking Facebook and watching YouTube videos. Most people always have their phone in their hands and are always doing something internet-related on them. This, makes the Wi-Fi study that Gold talks about virtually useless data in correlation to what he is talking about. The point that he attempted to make is that most consumers use an amount of data each month that would keep them within offered capped data plans from carriers so, in turn, there is no need for unlimited data plans.

At the bottom of this article posted on Verizon's blog you will notice a small disclaimer that states, "The thoughts, opinions and suggestions of the author may not necessarily reflect those of Verizon Wireless." But at the same time, Verizon is posting it on their blog and also retweeting a link to it. This just makes it seem like Verizon is getting other people to do their dirty work for them.

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