Verizon Seems To Be Offering Loyal Customers Early Upgrades For The Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge

Looking to get your hands on the latest Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge? Well if you're a loyal customer of Verizon, you might be in luck. Verizon has started to send out messages to a select few of their customers that ultimately grants them an early upgrade option to Samsung's latest flagship devices. While Verizon may offer an early upgrade option to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, there are a few hurdles and obstacles you must get through.

Verizon's message starting to roll out for select customer's state that for a limited time, consumers will be able to upgrade early to the Galaxy S6 through the Verizon Edge plan. Now the message doesn't include the S6 Edge but it is likely the handset will also be included in the limited time promotion Verizon is throwing. Getting these messages are supposedly only loyal customers of Verizon, who have been with the carrier for at least one full year. Furthermore, they are already on the Verizon Edge plan. What may make the Verizon Edge plan appealing to consumers is that smartphones are paid off completely after two years worth of monthly payments. Additionally, consumers on the plan will be able to upgrade faster once 75% of the currently owned smartphone is paid off. From time-to-time, Verizon will offer these small little promotions known as the "Early Edge" plan. Through these promotions, consumers can upgrade even earlier to the currently highlighted smartphone, in this case, the Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge.

Upon being on the Verizon Edge plan and actively making payments for at least one year, there is just one more little hurdle to go through. Your current smartphone will be sent back to Verizon and it must be in good condition. Good condition usually means that the smartphone must not have too many dents, scratches or scrapes while definitely also being able to power on and off. For those who meet the entire criteria, you won't want to wait around and let this deal pass you by though. Verizon did state that this is a limited time offer and it's unclear just how long it will last. Just to make it clear, consumers will still be within the Verizon Edge plan so there still won't be any money down payments for the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, but an activation fee is likely to be included. As for your monthly bill, expect that payment to be adjusted to fit the cost for the latest Galaxy S6 of S6 Edge. If your on the plan then keep a look out for those texts from Verizon.

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