Upcoming Updates To The Play Store And Play Movies Apps Could Suggest Movie Bundles

For the movie lovers out there, the film buffs and and anyone who may have weekly marathons of their favorite film series, watching multiple movies in one sitting may get easier as a couple of updates on the way for the Play Store and the Play Movies and TV applications could spell a focus on Movie bundles, which would allow users to purchase or pre-order sets of movies that are curated by a team of people at Google. At the moment this isn't a confirmed feature to hit these applications, but there are strings of code noted by Android Police in the teardown of the apk for the Play Store and Play Movies and TV apps which suggest this could be something to look forward to.

In addition to evidence showing up in the apk, navigating to the movies section of the Play Store will pop up a pre-order bundle for the entire Star Wars Saga which can be picked up for the cost of $89.99, or each individual film can be purchased for the price of $19.99 on its own. Obviously, since there are six films that comprise the bundle, it would end up costing customers $100 to pick up all of the films at an individual rate, so Google is giving those who want to grab every single one the opportunity to do so while also saving some money, in this case, $10 off if you pre-order the bundle. Expect more bundles like this one to show up in a future update.

In addition to bundles, it also looks like Google may end up filling movies that are purchased with Extras content. Think deleted scenes, bloopers, director commentary and that sort of thing. As it stands right now, streaming movies or tv content from the Play Store lacks any sort of extras like you'd find when purchasing a film on DVD or Blu-Ray. With this new update coming Google may be preparing to offer that same kind of extras content to customers, which would be a nice little addition. Google may also add professional reviews into the Play Movies and TV app in the future, while potentially also still keeping user-based reviews for films so people have the option to choose between reading a review from a professional critic, or from a user. You can see an image of what the icons distinguishing the different reviews looks like below. Lastly it also looks like there will possibly be a new Play Store option for users to pre-register for upcoming apps and games. As it stands this kind of action of being in the loop about upcoming apps and games is only available by opting into a beta and liking or following the developers social feeds, or by joining a beta group created on google+ by those developers. This new change if implemented, could allow users to opt into the pre-registration process through the Play Store, and be notified when the apps or games go live so they can install them, making forgetfulness a non-issue.


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