Upcoming LG Volt to Feature Slightly Curved Display, Could be a Glimpse at the G4's Design?

LG Volt Korea

LG is no stranger to the mid-range and budget end of the market, in fact they’re pretty successful in those segments compared to other mainstream smartphone manufacturers. One of the reasons why they are quite so successful with their budget offerings is that they effectively trickle down DNA from their flagship devices to those that offer a similar experience at an easier-to-swallow price tag. For some time now, that’s meant carrying over software features from the G2 and the G3 along with hardware like good-looking displays and those familiar rear-mounted displays.

According to Korean press, LG is releasing a new device called the LG Volt, not to be confused with the offering already available in North America, with a slightly curved display. The device is based on pretty much the same specs and feature set as the LG Spirit that was shown off during Mobile World Congress earlier this year, however this version of the device is to feature a slightly curved display. To put that into perspective the G Flex 2 has a flexible display rating of 650-700R, this is to feature a rating of 3,000R. The lower number, the more pronounced the curve in the display, so clearly this is nothing compared to the G Flex 2, but it’s enough to be noticed and it could be a sign of things to come.

The LG Volt is just another 4.7-inch, Snapdragon 410 device that doesn’t really have anything to wow users, apart from that curved display. It’s slight, but could be a sign of what the G4 is to be; a device with a slightly curved display. While the G Flex 2 could be considered too much for a lot of users, a slight curve has proven to be more comfortable to use than your average slate device. We recently got a big look at the G4 this past weekend, and while there was no mention of a curve in the leak, these were all just press renders and there’s a good chance that they weren’t final, so there’s every possibility that LG is looking to bring the curved display to their flagship line in a very subtle way this year. We only have a few weeks left before the G4 is unveiled, so we’ll have al the new for you then.