Uber Sets Sights On Becoming Mass Transportation Provider To Replace Private Vehicles

Uber is slowly but surely expanding across the globe, opening up shop so to speak in more major metropolitan areas and some smaller cities, offering citizens a way to request a ride to a destination starting with just a few simple taps on their smartphone. Think of Uber like a specialized, on-demand taxi service albeit with higher rates in some areas than actual taxi cab fares. While Uber has been focused on expanding the growth of their areas of operation, it's recently been making plans to expand in other ways, like what the business itself offers to customers. Uber's goal is no longer just to be the service you call when you need a ride somewhere, it's started opening up a delivery service in some areas, and it seems to be working towards becoming a mass transit service.

However lofty the goal might be for Uber, it eventually wants to replace people's privately-owned vehicles, becoming their every means of transportation so as to not need a vehicle entirely. It might be a ways off before Uber reaches this point, but it's certainly one of their ambitions as they've stated so. Uber seems to be aware that they won't be able to transition into the next big mass transit provider until traveling by Uber becomes less expensive than actually owning a vehicle, which seems to be part of the reason why Uber prices have been getting lower as it works towards becoming a more affordable option for a much larger group of people.

Trimming the prices of an Uber fare is one small piece of the puzzle, but it's a place to start if Uber wants to make the service more attractive to the majority of a largely untapped group, the everyday average person. Uber isn't the only one lowering prices for rides either, as Lyft, another big transportation service similar to Uber has been doing the same. Their visions might not be as grand as Uber's but they seem to surely see the value in trying to widen the scope of their grasp by enticing more people with lower prices, which is something that will have to happen if they want to expand. If you haven't given Uber a try yet and you live in a supported area, you can sign up with a free $20 ride value on us by hitting this link.

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