Top 5 Tips to Getting More Juice out of your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge Battery


Outside of the complaints about the removable battery and microSD card slot being taken out of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The next most common complaint has been the battery life, and the size of the battery. No it's not a great battery, we're looking at about 2600mAh on the Galaxy S6 Edge and 2550mAh on the Galaxy S6. It will get you through a full day, however if you're a power user, you may need some tips to nurse it along throughout the day. So here are some tips about getting more juice out of your device.

Auto Brightness



I often do this, especially on days where I'm running errands and such. This way the screen's brightness adapts to whether I'm inside or outside during the day. Without needing to crank up the brightness really high. It also makes it a bit easier on the battery which is always a good thing.

Disable apps and features you aren't using


There are a lot of apps pre-installed on the Galaxy S6, and a lot of features. If there's some that you aren't using, make sure to turn them off. The apps will run in the background, thus using more juice. While the features won't use much juice at all, but some of them are using sensors to see if you're doing a specific gesture, which does use some battery.


Use the Quick Charger


While the Galaxy S6 does not use a Qualcomm processor, and instead uses an Exynos 7420, there is still Quick Charge. The charger that comes in the Galaxy S6's box is a quick charger – it even says so right on the charger. It will charge up your Galaxy S6 rather quickly, hence the name. And if you just need a quick top off before heading out, it's a good way to do so.

Power Saving and Ultra Power Saving Modes



Need to make sure you have enough juice to get through the day? Don't be afraid to use Ultra Power Saving mode, or Power Saving Mode. They shut off some of the features of your phone and keeps certain apps from running in the background, which is always important. And it'll make sure that last 20% of your battery lasts as long as it can. Sometimes up to another 8 hours.

Pick up an External Battery Pack


One of the reasons why I love non-removable batteries over removable ones is the fact that I don't have to buy a new extended battery for my new phone. I can just use my existing battery pack. We actually did a top 10 battery packs for the Galaxy S6, that you'll want to check out. There's all kinds of battery packs in there, both large and small and will get your Galaxy S6 through the day.