Top 12 Hidden Features of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge


The Samsung Galaxy S6 already has a ton of features, but there are even more that are hidden. And they aren't actually unique to the Galaxy S6. Thanks to developer tiboric over on XDA Developers, he's brought along the steps to enable these features, which were first found on the Galaxy Note 2 over 2 years ago. Some of these features are things that you would have thought that Samsung would have had enabled anyways. Some of these things are also illegal in some countries, like being able to turn off the camera shutter sound. That's for the creepers out there. It's important to remind everyone that you will need root for this. As you will be needing to use the Root Explorer to edit these XML files.

It's also important to note that we, Android Headlines, are not responsible for any issues caused by editing these files. Also, if you aren't comfortable with editing these files, we urge you to not do so. As you could really mess up your device, and after paying nearly $700 for a Galaxy S6, that's definitely not something you'll want to have happen. Having said that, let's take a look at some of these cool features that can be enabled.


You'll also want to make sure you backup these files before you edit them. Before we begin, you'll need to navigate to system/csc/others.xml and add the line of code below to the file, and save it.

Enable Camera during call



Enable WiFi Calling in Phone Settings


Enable Native Voice Call Recording



Enable Shutter Sound Switch in Camera Settings



Continuous music while using camera


Enable manual rotation option in gallery



Enable Scheduled Messaging option in Messaging App

<CscFeature_Message_EnableScheduledMessage>true</CscFeature_Message_EnableScheduledMessage> <CscFeature_Message_EnableScheduledMsgBox>true</CscFeature_Message_EnableScheduledMsgBox>


Enable Exit buttons in default browser


Enable 2nd symbol keys on stock keyboard


<CscFeature_Sip_UseSymbolInCMKey>true</CscFeature_Sip_UseSymbolInCMKey> <CscFeature_Sip_EnableSymbolInSecondary>de;en_US;en_GB</CscFeature_Sip_EnableSymbolInSecondary>

Enable VoLTE Support

<CscFeature_RIL_SupportVolte>TRUE</CscFeature_RIL_SupportVolte> <CscFeature_IMS_EnableVoLTE>true</CscFeature_IMS_EnableVoLTE>

Remove NFC Enabled Icon from Status Bar

Delete line : <CscFeature_NFC_StatusBarIconType>DEFAULT</CscFeature_NFC_StatusBarIconType>

Sort App Draw Alphabetically

<CscFeature_Launcher_EnableViewByAlphabetAsDefault >true</CscFeature_Launcher_EnableViewByAlphabetAsDefault>