Top 10 Ways to Monetize your Android App or Game

You just created an awesome Android app. It's getting downloaded thousands of times. But you're not making any money. There are lots of ways to monetize your new Android app or game. Some of them are common sense, some of them you may have never heard of before. We're going over about 10 ways to monetize your Android app today.

Develop a Strategy

When you're starting development on an app, it's important to make a strategy for monetization. That way you can build ads and monetization into the app from the ground up. This will help you maximize your monetization potential.


Many users hate this, but they have to understand that developers need to put food on their table as well. Freemium basically means that users can download your app for free, but some features will be paid. One of the more common ways to use Freemium, is to remove apps through an in-app purchase. Users hate ads, I mean who doesn't, and paying to remove apps is something users will buy. You can also add additional features that will cost a bit more.


It's important to place ads strategically throughout your app. It's also important to remember that many people will be using your app on smartphones. Which vary in size. For games, a good place to place ads is after the user completes a level and they see an ad before moving on. With apps, you can place a small banner at the bottom, similar to what Ookla app does.

App Reviews

Not really a monetization tip, but it's something you need to do. If you just release an app, and none of the media sites post about it or review it, then you likely won't get many users downloading and using your app. We do offer an app review service. It's a good idea to check those out as well.

Advertising your app

Pretty much the opposite of monetizing your app, but still important. Advertising your app through other apps' ads is a popular and easy way to get more users. And as common sense would probably tell you, more users, means more money.

Choosing your Partners

It's important to choose your ad partners carefully. You want ads that look tasteful and aren't jumping in users faces. Users hate that, as you'd expect. Additionally, you want ads that actually pay a decent amount per view or per click. We've actually covered a bunch of Ad partners for mobile apps in the past.


You'll see some apps - namely ESPN - with Sponsor banners somewhere in the app. It'll say something like "Sponsored by Dish Network", etc. This is a good way to drive in some ad revenue without using more of your users data limit. As Ads do use some of their bandwidth and could cause them to go over their data cap, although it's unlikely.


No, do not push ads into users' notifications. Instead, use notifications to get your users back into the app, and increase engagement. This will provide long-term use, which means more people are using the app, and thus more ad dollars will be rolling into your bank account.


Obviously this won't work for all apps, but look and see if there's a way to do a subscription model. If you have a news app, you can definitely do it. Charge users a certain amount a month or even per year for a subscription to premium content. This sort of ties into the in-app purchases mentioned earlier.

Optimize your Ads

Always a good thing to do. While you might have your ads optimized right now, it's a good idea to check it out after 6 months or so and see if there's a better way to use ads in your app, or a better network to use. Anything that uses less data is also a good thing to use.

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