T-Mobile Offering MLB At Bat 15 Premium for Free to Customers, Again

MLB T mobile AH 1

It wasn’t too long ago that T-Mobile announced they were the official wireless carrier of the MLB. Much like Verizon is for the NFL, and Sprint is for the NBA. With T-Mobile being the official wireless carrier, this means T-Mobile customers get to use the premium features of the MLB At Bat app for free. The Premium version of the app is typically $19.99. This is the premium version, but it does not get you all of the games for free. Just the MLB.tv game of the day. As well as being able to track every single pitch, in-game highlights, and access live look-ins and key plays. It’s also important to note that the Game of the Day are subject to blackouts. Which is crazy that blackouts are still a thing.

If you are on T-Mobile and are a baseball fan, then this is a pretty good deal for you. However if you want to see all of your teams’ games this year, you’ll have to subscribe to MLB.tv which starts at $19.99 per month, if you want to watch them all on mobile, then it’ll be $24 per month. Pretty expensive, but then you have to remember that there are 162 games in a baseball season, compared to 16 in the NFL, 82 in the NBA and NHL.

To get this offer from T-Mobile, you will need to download the app over the T-Mobile network. WiFi won’t work. Then you’ll need to sign in, and when prompted for T-Mobile’s offer, just accept it. The offer runs from May 1 to September 30th. Kinda interesting to see that the offer didn’t start when the season started. Nevertheless, it starts tomorrow, so we can all get our baseball fix in tomorrow.

You likely won’t be able to use it on your Tablet, unless your tablet is on T-Mobile’s network. As you need to be on their network to download the app. However, downloading it on your tablet that is tethered to your T-Mobile smartphone might just work. We’ve reached out to T-Mobile to see if this offer is available for tablet users, even WiFi tablet users. We’ll be sure to update once we learn more.