SquareTrade: The Galaxy S6 Edge Is Just As Bendable As The iPhone 6 Plus

SquareTrade Galaxy S6 Edge bend test 1

Both Samsung and HTC have launched their newest flagships as part of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona last month. Samsung has showcased two new flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. HTC has, on the other hand, unveiled the company’s One M9 device. HTC’s offering is very similar to the last year’s One M8, with bumped up specs and slightly redesigned hardware, the Galaxy S6 devices are completely different story though. These two handsets are the first Samsung-made smartphones to sport unibody metal design, and are significantly different that the Galaxy S5. The S6 is a more conventional smartphone in terms of hardware, while the S6 Edge sports curved display on both sides, which makes it kind of unique and interesting to look at.

That being said, I believe that all of your recall the so-called “Bendgate” mess surrounding the iPhone 6 Plus shortly after it was released. In case you don’t, let’s clear it up real quick. Shortly after the iPhone 6 Plus was launched, reports started coming in from consumers, claiming that the phone bent in their pocket. The device was tested by various people after that, and it turns out that it truly bends a bit too easily. SquareTrade, an extended warranty service provider, was one of the first companies to have tested the iPhone 6 Plus. Well, considering that the Galaxy S6 handsets launched along with HTC’s newest One M9 offering, SquareTrade decided to test these three devices and compare the results.

The company has used the “BendBot” machine in order to test how much pressure these smartphones can handle before they bend and ultimately break. Anyhow, let’s compare the results, shall we. According to SquareTrade, it takes 110 of pressure to bend the iPhone 6 Plus, the same it takes for the Galaxy S6 Edge to bend. Unlike the iPhone 6 Plus though, Galaxy S6 Edge’s display cracked when the device bent, this was to be expected considering the design of the device itself (curved sides). After adding some more pressure to both devices, the company found ou that it takes 179 pounds to break the iPhone 6 Plus, while the Galaxy S6 Edge shattered at 149 pounds. What about the HTC One M9? Well, it took 120 pounds of force to bend the phone, but unlike the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 Edge, the power button snapped after it tent and the device was useless afterwards.

It seems like neither of these devices can handle bending all that well, at least according to SquareTrade’s test. If recent reports are true, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge fares far better when being dropped and scratched though. Either way, there’s a video embedded down below, which will let you look at SquareTrade’s bending test which we’ve talked about in this article.