Sponsored Game Review: Crowntakers


Crowntakers is an Android game that combines turn-based Real Time Strategy games with RPG games to deliver a beautifully crafted experience for strategy and RPG fans looking for something fresh. The story goes that you are a long lost relative of the recently abducted King, and the heavy burden of rescuing the King and returning peace to the Kingdom has fallen on your shoulders. As far as gameplay goes, Crowntakers mixes RPG elements with Real Time Strategy to deliver an experience of exploration coupled with careful strategy. Unlike many strategy games, there's no need to take your time here, as the longer you wait, the more time passes and the stronger and more prepared your enemies become. As for those looking for an RPG with a difference, you can assemble a team, level up their skills, improve their weapons and armor and generally explore the areas taking on sidequest. A game developed by Kalypso Media, this is well-polished and looks great, so let's see how it plays.

if you're looking to play Crowntakers for yourself, you'll need to download the game from the Play Store first. Then you can go ahead and get started.


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There are two difficulty levels here, but in my experience the Normal difficulty starts off fairly easy, giving players a good chance to get started.

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When you start playing the game, you're introduced into the story, of which there's not too much. This is basically a story of one, potentially useless hero rising against all odds to save the Kingdom. It might be cliche, but it's not the worse storyline out there in games like these.

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One of the most refreshing things about Crowntakers is presented to you early on. Instead of giving you a laborious tutorial to go through, you can ask questions whenever you like, or just go on your way without them.


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When exploring, you can go search cottages, visit inns and Blacksmiths and many of the regular things you would do in an RPG game. The visuals at play in Crowntakers are great to look, the rain looks great, the artwork looks great and new tiles pop in and out of place with a subtle animation. There's no lag, animations are nice and you can tell a lot of hard work went into refining the overall appearance of the game.

Crowntakers 01


The combat screen utilizes the same sort of tile layout, giving you the option to move around to prepare attacks, place an archer at a safe distance or get up close and personal.

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As Crowntakers is a game with many RPG elements to it, it's n surprise that you can upgrade weapons and use potions. It's a refreshing addition to a game like and gives it a little more depth.


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Exploring different environments is made exciting through new challenges, new quests and of course those excellent visuals.

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Combat get progressively more challenging, with more enemies and larger battlefields to juggle.

Crowntakers 03

I've played many games like Crowntakers before, and honestly they're not my favorite genre to play. However, Crowntakers does a number of important things to keep gameplay immediate, fresh and compelling. The introduction of the timer, which punishes players for taking so long by creating more powerful enemies down the line is an excellent addition. I don't like games that drag things out, and while this gives an incentive to hurry up it doesn't make speed a defining factor of the game, there's still a choice. Combat feels more like an RPG than an RTS and the two blend together very well. The same can be said for exploration, I still get the feeling that I am marching my team through enemy lands as I would with an RTS, but the side quests, the NPCs and abandoned homes give the game much more depth and RPG players are more likely to enjoy this than RTS players, in my opinion.



  • Speed (4/5) – Crowntakers runs nicely, and pacing is left to the decision of the player, rewarding those who move quickly.
  • Theme (5/5) – This is a really good-looking game, the artwork is high-resolution and looked great on my Nexus 9. Animations were subtle and rendered well, and overall the game just looks great.
  • Features (4/5) – A nice blend of RPG and RTS staples, Crowntakers offers something fresh while also being familiar, a lot of fun all round, this is a strategy game for those that don't like strategy games.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid, refreshing and good-looking game Crowntakers was a lot of fun to play on my Nexus 9 and if you're looking for a game to get your teeth stuck into that's fresh and unique, this is a great option.


  • Making enemies stronger the more time has elapsed eradicates the slow, sluggish feel of other RTS titles.
  • No annoying tutorial at the beginning of the game gives players the chance to experience the beginning the way they want to.
  • Crowntakers is one hell of a good-looker, the artwork is high-quality and the animations looks great, too.
  • Combat is a fresh mix of RPG and RTS elements keep players of all genres happy.


  • Does take quite some time to really get going.
  • Game over really is game over, if you die, that's it. This is great for experienced players, but the ability to continue from a checkpoint would be nice.

On the whole, this is a game that I can see many different types of players enjoying, The RTS elements will appeal to those not happy with the status quo of RPG games, and the same is true of RPG players looking for a more exciting RTS. With a focus on taking your time, yet not dawdling, Crowntakers delivers an accessible, deep and good-looking strategy game that many players will throughly enjoy.