Sponsored App Review: Nimbus Note


Nimbus Note is an Android app that aims to bring all of your notes, thoughts, drafts and more all in one place. Whether that's plain text, formatted writing, audio, videos or even pictures Nimbus Note brings it all together in an easy to use package with search, offline access and even protection behind a passcode. Great for Todo lists as well, Nimbus Note is designed for writers, or those working on different projects that want to keep everything organized and in one place. With a focus on writing, and actually getting things done, Nimbus Note is the working man's Evernote, so let's see if it can replace its rival, shall we?

To get started with Nimbus Note, you just need to download it from the Play Store and you're ready to go. You can choose to signup for a free account – which will enable you to sync files across devices – or you can work offline.


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Regardless of your choice, you'll then be introduced to how Nimbus Note works and how you can use it.

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One of the things I rely on each and every day is some sort of todo list, and while Nimbus Note does offer this feature it's fairly limited. Of course, if you don't care about due dates, times these tasks need to be don and so on, then Nimbus Note's todo list will work just fine for you.

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One thing that would make Nimbus Note so useful for other writers like myself, or anyone using a lot of text that needs to use formatting is the text editor. It's not the most advanced out there, but there are a lot of great options here. I "think" in notes, as in I don't doodle, I write statements and expand on them when writing a piece, so Nimbus Note works well for me.


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You can add attachments to notes, using any file type you want, but oddly I couldn't find a way of embedding them into the text when talking about images. Of course, attaching them will make sure they remain associated with this particular note.

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These notes can be accessed from anywhere you like when you have sync enabled, but there's also a convenient homescreen widget as well.

nimbus home

Where reminders are concerned, you can set time and place reminders for notes by long-pressing on them.


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Your notes are fairly precious to you, especially if you have sensitive information in them, which is why it's nice to see Nimbus Note offer a passcode option.

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Over time, you'll accumulate a lot of notes, which is where the simple search option will come in handy.

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I've tried all sorts of different note-taking apps over the years, including many that try their best to keep all of your thoughts and your work locked away in one place. Nimbus Note is, right now, fairly light on features and how it works in images and videos with the rest of your notes isn't all that slick, but there's definitely potential here. Being able to use the phone's camera and record audio there and then within the app is pretty great, and there are some great text formatting options however, it doesn't feel quite like these all come together as well as they could. Having said that, the passcode and the ability to work offline will please a great many users – myself included – and as a note-taking app that offers a number of other features, there are definitely worse options out there. With some extra polish and better handling of attachments I could see myself using this full time.



  • Speed (4/5) – Nimbus Note is nice and quick, syncing works well and if you work offline this is one of the quickest options out there.
  • Features (4/5) – Nimbus ticks the majority of the right boxes and really, it does everything you could want it to, but it just doesn't bring them all together quite as well as I'd have liked.
  • Theme (4/5) – No complaints here, Nimbus Note could add theme support or a Material Design, but really it's a decent-looking app that doesn't offend one bit.
  • Overall (4/5) – If you're the type of person that works mostly with text or record notes using your smartphone, then Nimbus Note is definitely something you'll want to look into and you might really take to it.


  • It's quick to be able to take a voice recording, take a photo or add a video to a note.
  • Todo list is nice and simple, giving users an easy way of creating a list of things for each independent note.
  • With the passcode people can keep their sensitive information away from prying eyes and keep ideas and notes locked away.
  • Being able to work offline is a nice option, even if the sync is quite good here.


  • Doesn't bring all the information from these different sources together very well.
  • Todo list doesn't offer individual reminders for each list item.

Overall, Nimbus Note is a good app for keeping everything under one roof, just so long as you don't expect to do much with them together. It's sort of like a place for you to just stuff everything into, without really joining things up outside of some limited tag support. However, like I've said for writers and those that work mostly in text, Nimbus Note has a lot going for it, and I'm sure many will find its simplistic and down-to-earth approach to keeping things organized a breath of fresh air.