Sponsored App Review: My Virtual Girlfriend


My Virtual Girlfriend is a Dating Sim for Android that aims to help those looking to perfect how they interact girls get better luck when meeting women in real life. Of course, there's also the argument that games like my Virtual Girlfriend are just good fun, and there's an equivalent Virtual Boyfriend app available as well. There are 35 different levels of progression, with you needing to say the right things and impress your date to move to the next level. There are hundreds of different combination of virtual dates waiting for you and you can cater these to what you like in a woman. For those looking to have a bit of fun playing Virtual Girlfriend there are even Zombie, Bobblehead and Vampire girlfriends available. The 3D graphics and such here also go a long way to complete the experience. Read on to see what we thought of the game.

As with other Android apps and games, you'll need to download My Virtual Girlfriend from the Play Store. Then, you go ahead and start a new game.


2015-04-19 07.14.50

You'll be asked to input your name, followed by some personality traits about yourself.

2015-04-19 07.15.37


You will be asked to do exactly the same for what you look for in a lady, as well.

2015-04-19 07.16.16

Once all done, you can go ahead and choose from some perspective ladies that you'd like to take on a date. I found some of the likes and dislikes here pretty amusing, but it was nice to see that the game hadn't totally lost its sense of humor.


2015-04-19 07.17.00

You're given some activities to choose from, and some emotes that you can use to express your pleasure or displeasure at something she's said or done. In reality though, I found that simply agreeing was the only thing that seemed to work.

2015-04-19 07.17.59


I had read that the game was quite difficult, and sure enough quite quickly I was already snubbed by my virtual beloved.

2015-04-19 07.18.25

I went back to the drawing board and chose some different attributes in a lady, and I was soon able to hold down a conversation for a little longer than before.


2015-04-19 07.19.43

In fact, I was so successful this time around that I was able to choose from some activities to take my date out with.

2015-04-19 07.20.04


Sadly though, the activity screens are a little underwhelming to say the least:

2015-04-19 07.20.12

However, even after spending quality time with her and listening to her jokes, complimenting her and so on, I failed once more. Things are only this difficult at the beginning, perseverance goes a long way here.


2015-04-19 07.20.45

Of course, I've only been able to scratch the surface here, over time you can do all sorts of things like customize the look of your date.

vg custom

Leveling up in My Virtual Girlfriend is also an important part of the game, as it means that you'll unlock more activities and interactions.

vg level

At first, I found playing My Virtual Girlfriend a little creepy to be honest however, I soon relaxed and realized this was a bit of fun. It's not exactly what you'd call scientific and I wouldn't say that it helps people prepare for interacting with women in real life, but it can help people work on their thought process of what to say and when not to say it. As far as the app itself is concerned there's a lot of choices on offer here and you can tell the majority of the work has gone into making the 3D character models as varied and appealing as possible. Still, these need some work as does the whole UI as it doesn't quite look as it should do on 1080p displays, text boxes look very small and sometimes text is hard to make out. There's a lot of customization options available and the leveling up keeps things fresh as you have to keep on impressing your date to unlock new activities and interactions.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game itself runs just fine, but spending time with the dates is often over far too quickly as I seem to keep failing early on.
  • Features (4/5) – There's definitely enough on offer in Virtual Girlfriend for those looking for a decent dating sim, but I just wish that the activities actually involved traveling to different areas and that sort of thing.
  • Theme (4/5) – The 3D graphics here are pretty good and thanks to the amount of customization options available there's a lot of variety, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – My Virtual Girlfriend is definitely not going to be for everyone, but for those that enjoy dating sims or those that want to try out something different, a little tongue-in-cheek then Virtual Girlfriend will tick all the right boxes.


  • 3D graphics look good and the customization options give the game a lot of variety.
  • Different activities and interactions help keep players on their toes as they try to balance impressing their lady and getting on their nerves.
  • Daily bonus keeps players coming back to play each day.
  • Level up system keeps players on their toes and it makes making the right choices a little more harrowing.


  • Interface doesn't seem suited to high-resolution displays as text boxes look far away and difficult to read at times.
  • Very difficult, seems like you need to do a million things at first to get her to stick around, but this does get easier over time.

On the whole, My Virtual Girlfriend is a fun game, just so long as you don't take it too seriously and don't think this is going to help you secure your dream girl in real life. Instead, what we have here is a game that's a decent dating sim with a lot of customization options, a decent selection of activities and interactions and a pretty steep difficulty curve. Once mastered though, I can definitely see why people will enjoy the game, and if you've been looking for a dating sim on Android, this is a good bet. Oh, and ladies, there's also My Virtual Boyfriend, too.