Sponsored App Review: Expense Lister- trip, grocery


Expense Lister is a quick and efficient Android app that makes it nice and easy to work out how much you're spending for a project, your grocery shopping, a party or whatever you want. You simply input how much money comes in, and then add the amounts that are coming out of that amount with notes next to them and the total will be calculated immediately. This basically allows you to get an idea of how you're spending while you're planning ahead. It's a pretty great idea and one that I'm sure many will make good use of. Read on as we explore Expense Lister a little further.

To get started with Expense Lister, you just need to download it from the Play Store and then get started. You'll be thrown into a blank list of your own. To rename this list, just hit the pencil next to its name.


2015-03-30 14.09.29

The example I'm going to use is if I'm in need of say cleaning supplies for the office, or maybe just need to restock my cleaning business. It doesn't matter what you use Expense Lister for, it can be used for anything. Here, I am going to add in 200 for the budget.

2015-03-30 14.09.46


One thing that's nice about Expense Lister, is that you don't really need to take your fingers off the keyboard much, if at all. You type in an amount, then hit next to add a note and again to create a new entry.

2015-03-30 14.10.07

At the foot of the display, there's a total that is constantly adjusted against the incoming and outgoing amounts (which you can easily change by tapping the circle to the left to turn it into either a plus or a minus value).


2015-03-30 14.10.15

This value makes it nice and easy to work out how much you're spending and how much you left as it's always being updated, without the need to do anything. While the free version only allows for 10 different sheets with 50 items per list, and features ads, it's inexpensive to upgrade to the pro version:

2015-03-30 14.12.43



Speaking of sheets, you can easily switch between them, allowing you to do your grocery shopping, lists for works or even expense lists for work all in one app and yet keep them completely separate from one another.

2015-04-03 16.33.49


Expense Lister is a neat little Android app, it doesn't ask much of its users, and is super-easy to get to grips with. It allows feverish list makers to keep their thumbs on their keyboards while the app does all the number crunching in the background. It's quick, and easy to use as well. Apps like these are great because they're basically just tools that allow you to do whatever you want, without any hassle or frustration. You can use Expense Lister for whatever you want, working out your expenses for work over time, working out how much that birthday party is going to cost you and a whole lot more. If you like making lists and you need to watch how much you're spending, or turn in a detailed expense report, Expense Lister makes it easy to keep a track of spending while on the go.


  • Speed (4/5) – Expense Lister is nice and speedy, and there's little waiting here and there.
  • Features (4/5) – A simple, and easy to use app, Expense Lister has all the right boxes ticked and can be used for a lot of different things.
  • Theme (4/5) – The Material Design here works well, and the app is nice and subtle. It's easy to use as you don't need to take your thumbs off of the keyboard much at all.
  • Overall (4/5) – With the ability to figure out how much you're spending on the fly, Expense Lister is a must have for a lot of users, and I can see this being great for accountants as well as those looking to keep an eye on their spending.


  • Easy to use, without any prompts or anything getting in your way.
  • Calculates everything on the fly, giving users one less thing to worry about.
  • Easy to change between incoming and outgoing.
  • Notes make it easy to see what you spent on what.


  • Ability to use + or – characters from the keyboard would be even better for keen typists.
  • More space for notes would be helpful for long model names or detailed notes.

There's definitely a place for apps like Expense Lister, and I'm sure lots of different types of users will find a lot on offer here. After all, Expense Lister doesn't care what you use it for, it just crunches your numbers, allowing you to use it for home or work, business or pleasure. If you need to keep an eye on your spending or maybe hand in an expense report, then Expense Lister is something you should consider.