Some Subscribers Of YouTube Music Key Not Able To Access Paid Features


When Google launched YouTube Music Key earlier this year, it did so with the announcement that it would allow currently paying subscribers of Google's paid streaming music service, now known as Google Play Music Unlimited, the ability to access the content at no additional charge. Those who hadn't already been subscribers of Google Play Music Unlimited would be able to subscribe to one or the other and get both. It was a package deal of sorts. What it was promising was the ability to access unlimited ad-free music videos through YouTube's extensive library of content, background playback so users could listen to music while using other applications or doing other things, and a handful of other features.

For most users this is a lovely little service and paying for it is well worth what Google is offering, unless you're one of the users who has already started paying for the service but can't get access to any of the features we mentioned above along with the rest of the stuff YouTube Music Key offers. The unfortunate thing is that at this time, Google has no workaround for this problem, so if you're a paying customer of YouTube Music Key and you aren't able to access any of the services, the only option at this point is to either cancel the service or to wait it out in hopes that a fix for the problem comes up soon.


Although Google hasn't been able to provide much help to those who are experiencing issues, the YouTube support page does state that they're working on a fix currently, albeit without any mention of a time frame, which is probably a smart idea on Google's part as they likely don't know how long it might take to fix themselves and don't want to give customers high hopes and not meet a set goal. It may not be much peace of mind, but knowing that the YouTube team is working to try and correct whatever the issue is that's causing individuals to be locked out from Music Key like they weren't customers yet is better than no communication at all.

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