Social Media Users Respond Negatively To Announced Cyanogen And Microsoft Partnership


Those who are using Cyanogen's latest flavor of android, Cyanogen OS 12 will probably of heard the news this morning. For those that missed it, Cyanogen has officially announced that they are going to be partnering with Microsoft. This has been long rumored and as such does not come as too much of a surprise. That said, it seems the news of the collaboration between Cyanogen and Microsoft (which is destined for Cyanogen OS) is one social media users are not taking to, kindly.

Since the announcement, Twitter has been ablaze with conversations and comments on the topic. While the very few have said that the partnership between the two will be a good thing, the sheer majority of tweets seem to be angered by the partnership. In particular, two points keep popping up. The first recurring theme seems to be the notion of Cyanogen swapping out android for Microsoft and the belief that this represents no change. Simply swapping one established corporation for another and not the 'freeing of android' which has been often touted by Cyanogen's Kirt McMaster. The second point which keeps coming up, is many users seem to be unclear that the change is only going to affect users on Cyanogen OS and not the Mod version of Cyanogen, CyanogenMod. Although, the first point (swapping Google for Microsoft) cannot be commented on, the latter of these two can be. For clarification, CyanogenMod has not announced and do not intend on bringing Microsoft services or apps to their Cyanogen variant. The current announced changes will only affect devices running Cyanogen OS, like the OnePlus One and Yureka by YU. You can read a full description of the two by clicking here.


For those that missed the earlier news, in short, Cyanogen have announced that Cyanogen OS will come loaded with a number of apps and services pre-installed. These will include the likes of Bing, OneDrive, OneNote, Skype and so on. It is also believed the apps and services will be able to be removed if wanted. Although, it currently seems unlikely to limit what seems to be a growing disappointment with today's announcement. You can see a few examples of the types of comments on twitter below

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