Screener Beta Makes Creating Snazzy Screenshots with Device Frames Easier Than Ever



Taking screenshots on Android has been really quite easy since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich introduced a simple key combination to do so. Now, you can take a screenshot of something and show it to someone with great ease, you can even share that screenshot from the notification tray. Of course, that just gets you a raw image, and it's not always that appealing, let's be honest. It's even less appealing if you're looking to promote a new icon theme of yours or show off a fresh layout on some theme forum. The key is to use a device frame to give said screenshot some context, and while there are a few apps out there that offer this, Screener – an app currently in beta – seems to do this with some super slick Material Design and an array of features that are easy to use.


As we said, Screener is currently in beta, and to get your hands on a test version of the app, you need to join this Google+ community and become a beta tester. Everything is explained nice and neatly in the Google+ community, but if you're struggling to get your head around it, then maybe a beta test isn't for you. Talking about the app itself, Screener seems pretty solid to us, we tested it on an HTC One M9, and all the features worked quite nicely. You choose a device frame (with 2D and 3D choices available), your image, add a background be it a solid color or another image of your choice and you can go ahead and create a sweet device frame screenshot right from your device.

There are so many reasons why something like this is going to be nice to have. Even more so for budding developers, who can simply test their app and use Screener to create some excellent promo shots of their device pretty much for free. Otherwise, the app is a great option for those interested in sharing themes and homescreen layouts with others. It's in beta right now, and it's pretty easy to go take a look at, and we strongly suggest you do so as this is a slick Android app that has a whole bunch of use cases.

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