The Screen of the LG G4 is Curved and Now we know just How Much

AH LG G Flex 2 14

LG was one of the first manufacturers to use curved screens in their mobile products. The LG G Flex was more like an experiment in the way it featured a curved 6-inch display, but the rest of the specifications were rather low for the time it was released. It had some interesting features, like a self-healing coating on the back and the whole body of the phone was actually flexible with the ability to bend flat and then return to its original form.

While some may question if its peculiar features were actually useful, Samsung then released a smartphone with a curved display, but while the curvature of the G Flex was made from top to bottom, the Samsung Galaxy Round curved its screen from left to right and it had better specs, at least the screen had Full HD resolution. The software was intended to make use of the curvature with the Quick Glance motion control that let you see the time and other notifications by tilting the phone on a flat surface. Of course, Samsung then used curved screens on the Galaxy Note Edge and more recently in their new flagship, the Galaxy S6 Edge, making this kind of screens more popular.

We now have the LG G Flex 2 (pictured above), it has a smaller screen than its predecessor and specs closer to the ones of a flagship, it also features the same self-healing coating in the back and the same flexible body. All of this made it a worthy upgrade and it has been praised for the ergonomics provided by that curve. LG’s new flagship will be unveiled one week from now and the LG G4 is supposed to have a curved screen along the curves of its body to improve ergonomics. It was noticed in the first leaked renders and now it is confirmed by a Korean report, which mentions the actual measurement of the curvature radius, 3000 mm from top to bottom like both models of the G Flex series. The curvature of the G Flex 2 is more pronounced at 700 mm and the one in the Galaxy Round is even more rounded at 400 mm. Let’s remember that the bigger the radius of a circle the less its curvature becomes apparent in a certain region. It’s not clear if the display itself will be curved or just the glass covering it, like in some of their mid-range offerings.