Samsung Reportedly Open Third Production Factory Months Earlier Than Expected To Cope With S6 Edge Demand

Galaxy S6 Edge AH

Samsung’s latest offerings, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, literally cannot stay out of the news. While this is not exactly a new thing, as every major Samsung flagship device launch typically come with a bunch of rumors, speculations, criticisms and a general variety of headlines, it seems this time round, it has all been intensified. This is also not a massive surprise, as Samsung had been under increasing pressure to make sure the Galaxy S6 delivers. That said, it does seem like they have

As well, as the device receiving a seemingly universal ‘thumbs up’, the reports keep emerging that the two devices are selling in record numbers. In fact, much faster than any of the previous devices. Now, when you factor that there are actually two devices to choose from, the fact that they are selling massively so (each in their own right), this is quite impressive. In fact, the latest reports keep suggesting that of the two, it is the Galaxy S6 Edge which is really making an impact on sales. Which in fairness, is a surprise, as this was more thought of as a concept and niche product, compared to the standard S6.

Due to this apparent surge in curved display demand, it has already been reported that Samsung was trying to ramp up production of the screens. Well, in terms of this last point, Bloomberg are reporting today, that this is exactly what has happened. The Bloomberg report (source link below) details that sources “with direct knowledge of the matter.” have advised that Samsung have now commenced production at a third factory. The report goes on to state the third factory was always on the cards and due to begin production on the curved displays. However, it is also being stated, that this production was not supposed to begin until June at the earliest. As such, the claims that the production have already began reveal they have had to ramp up the production much quicker than intended and to meet the demand for the S6 Edge. According to the information, the inclusion of the third factory (known as A3) will see Samsung’s output of curved displays, rise from 2 million per month, up to 5 million. Effectively, more than doubling their current output.