Samsung Preparing to Release Several Galaxy S6 Themes as Launch Date Approaches


With the Samsung Galaxy S6 including so many great features, it looks like Samsung is attempting to get off to a good start in terms of software support. We already knew the Samsung Galaxy S6 includes a built in theme manager, but now we have news that a selection of themes are being prepared ahead of the April 10th launch date.  While a feature such as this is not unheard of, it is significant because Samsung also integrated the option to download additional themes to add more variety to the mix. This is great for users because out of the box of course, the Samsung Galaxy S6 only includes a few themes to give users a small taste of the feature.

Available via the built-in Theme Store, users will be able to pick from a variety of both free and paid themes. Currently there are only themes published directly by Samsung in the theme store, but this will all change in the near future. Samsung plans to release an official SDK for their platform by the end of April giving third-party developers the freedom to create a multitude of options for users. Downloaded themes will be capable of changing the appearance of system menus, stock android applications, keyboard buttons, icons, wallpapers, and notification shades. Users may appreciate most that Samsung plans on releasing an all dark theme which should help users save battery power due to the properties of Super AMOLED displays.


With this latest news of the focus Samsung is placing in their Theme Store, it shows that Samsung is really putting their all into this latest generation of flagship phones. We expect both the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well as the S6 Edge to receive this treatment so those that have pre ordered either variant can rest at ease.  Lowering the amount of bloatware while still maintaining useful features and increasing performance where possible is a great way to increase future customer loyalty. Hopefully we will see Samsung continuing this philosophy for the life of the two handsets as well as in future smartphones. Check out the gallery below for some screenshots of a few of the themes to be released.

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