Samsung is Predicting Record Sales for the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 AH 9

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S5 outsold its predecessor, it did not obtain the global success that Samsung was hoping for, and their revenue figures suffered through the entire 2014.  Samsung went back to the drawing board, redesigned the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and threw in an additional model, the Galaxy S6 Edge, with a display that curves down on each ‘edge.’  Not only was the Galaxy S6 received well, but to their surprise, the Galaxy S6 Edge has been just as popular and now Samsung is telling the world that they are predicting new record sales…something that Samsung needs to once again dominate the smartphone world.

Apparently, the entire world loves ‘hot cakes,’ so it should not come as a surprise when a Korean source tells our source, “The S6 series especially, with a curved screen, are selling like hot cakes and we have no question that they will play a critical role in helping Samsung regain its market share.”  Samsung Electronics appears to be very happy with the comeback made by their new hot selling smartphone duo – the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge – as they expect them to gain additional momentum given their strong global demand.  A source said, “The two new phones are drawing impressive responses.  Samsung aims to ship 10 million S6s and S6 Edges in 26 days after the devices’ global launch.  That target is achievable.”  That target of 10 million is on top of the 20 million global pre-orders it has already received.

The three carriers in Korea are getting ready to launch their promotional campaigns for the two devices, but an official at a Samsung Mobile Store on the outskirts of Seoul said the supply of the Galaxy S6 Edge is very tight due to its popularity and the competition among carriers to secure enough for sale is fierce.  Because of this, an official from the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said, “It’s highly unlikely that SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus [Korea’s three carriers] will offer more beyond the subsidy cap, which was recently revised up to 330,000 won, as the S6 has been doing well.”  In other words, do not expect any pricing lower than the usual subsidiary given by the carrier when you purchase on a contract price.

In the US, T-Mobile said that in the first 10 days of the pre-order period that the Galaxy S6 had almost doubled those of its predecessor, which was Samsung’s most popular device on T-Mobile.  T-Mobile said, “The underwhelming previous flagship smartphone of Samsung is the reason why the company decided to do a major overhaul for the S6, resulting in the massive hype and demand surrounding the device.”  Samsung said that in India, the most sought after country in Asia by Samsung that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are the most sought after smartphones in the premium segment with first day sales close to 50,000 – this, after Apple increased it prices in India.  You can now purchase two Galaxy S6’s in India cheaper than an iPhone, making the Galaxy S6 models even more appealing.