Samsung Galaxy S6 Put Through The 'Boiling Water Test' Alongside The iPhone 6

In recent times, a trend has been developing which excites some smartphone fans and horrifies others. This trend is what is affectionately being dubbed 'torture videos'. Thanks to the rather apt name, the concept should need little introduction. However, for those who have not been initiated with the videos and how they work, it is rather simple. A manufacturer releases a smartphone and someone else releases a video torturing the device. The logic is that these videos are a good way to highlight how well the device can put up with extreme circumstances. For instance, how does a Galaxy S6 cope with being smashed into the floor repeatedly? Or how does the LG G Flex 2 cope with being shot at from a rifle. That sort of thing.

In fact, with the hype surrounding the Galaxy S6 and its partner device, the Galaxy S6 Edge, the number of videos which have been released torturing these two devices seems to be increasing by the week. Besides the 'slam in ground' video already mentioned, the Galaxy S6 has also been ran over by a Tesla and was even submerged in cold water to see how waterproof the self-admitted 'not waterproof' Galaxy S6 really is. Well, following on in the same manner, a new video seems to have emerged in the last few days which again tests the water resistance of the Galaxy S6 and this time against an old foe.

The latest torture video doing the rounds sees the Galaxy S6 pitted against the iPhone 6. Both are submerged in water, although in contrast to the last water video we saw, these two are submerged in boiling hot water. You might ask what is the point, as how often is your premium device going to be under such conditions? Although in fairness, if you drop your new Galaxy S6 in the bath and it is too hot to take out, it would be nice to know how long you (or more specifically, your device) has before completely power failure. The results are quite interesting and to avoid giving away how it all turns out, you can watch the video in full and see how the two device hold up by clicking play below.

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