Samsung Applies To Trademark Gear W And Wheel UX

Samsung Logo AH17

Now that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have been released, the future is suddenly looking pretty good for Samsung. Until recently, they have been under heavy pressure to turn the tide on the criticism that they are not producing relevant or premium smartphones anymore. The launch of the twin Galaxy S6 devices changed this perception though. Well, moving on, the time is soon coming to see what Samsung can next bring to the table next in the smartwatch sphere. Although, Samsung already have a number of products in the wearables market, few have really caught the attention of users. However, like the Galaxy S6, their current rumored option, codenamed ‘Orbis’, has been making the headlines repeatedly of late with a serious amount of speculation coming in tow.

For instance, it was only recently that it was reported Orbis will actually be called Gear A. Which seems to be a following on from their previous Gear S smartwatch. Although, the Gear A tag has still not been officially confirmed, it now seems that this Gear line is likely to continue beyond the Gear A. It is now being reported that Samsung have applied to trademark the name Gear W. Of course, it probably is too early to start speculating on what the Gear W will bring. Although, the application for trademarking does at least suggest the Gear line of smartwatches are likely to continue going forward.

What’s more, it seems the new UI which will come with the Gear A is also likely to be continuing in the future. It is already been widely reported that the Gear A will be the company’s first round smartwatch and that the device is likely to come with a rotating bezel which will offer some additional form of control of the device, Well, along with the application to trademark the Gear W, Samsung has also applied to trademark Samsung Wheel UX. It seems likely that the two patents will form the basis of further round smartwatches. Further still, seems to suggest that the UX on the Gear A might be one Samsung feel is going to be one they want to use on further smartwatches. Unfortunately, at the moment there are still no further details on what to expect from the Gear A, let alone the Gear W or Wheel UX.