Samsung Announces Pricing and General Availability for its Radiant360 R7 Wireless Speaker


Samsung is known around the world for its electronics, and for good reason too.  It's not just smartphones that the specialize in, everyone knows that they've in every single tech-related industry known to mankind, and even ones they don't have a direct hand in they most likely provide some sort of component for.  Samsung's presence in the living room has grown significantly since the advent of HDTVs in the average consumer's home, so it makes sense that Samsung would push another lineup of products specifically made for the home: speakers.  We've been able to review some of Samsung's speakers in the past and they've been pretty solid, especially its lineup of Level speakers that feature premium build and sound quality.

At CES in January Samsung announced a brand new kind of speaker that they had never produced before: the Wireless Audio Radiant360 R7.  The Radiant360 R7 works exactly like it sounds, producing sound in a 360 degree pattern that's designed to fill the whole room with high quality sound.  This circular speaker eliminates the need to position multiple speakers around the room to fill it with sound, and since it features high quality materials and large sound drivers it not only produces loud, full sound but also super high quality sound as well.  The speaker itself sits on a base and stands up vertically, so it fits in the middle of the room and doesn't take up much space at all.  It's also stylish and modern looking so it would likely fit into any living room and look good doing it.


The "front" of the unit features some of the controls you'd likely need for a speaker, including a play/pause button, sliding volume control and a power button.  WiFi connectivity is the name of the game here as the unit is fully wireless and requires no cables to be plugged in to use it, giving you true freedom to put it anywhere in the room.  It will also link up with select Samsung soundbars, wireless speakers, Samsung TVs and mobile devices to provide multi-room audio.  Samsung's Multiroom App 2.0 gives you full control over all linked devices and gives you one easy, convenient place to manage them from.  The Radiant360 R7 will be available this month in the US for $499, so look for it at your favorite electronics retailer in the coming weeks!


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