Rovio's Plunder Pirates Sails its Way onto Google Play Today

If you've been watching any amount of TV lately you'll likely notice a trend forming.  Not only are there an increasing number of ads for mobile games appearing more and more on TVs and other advertising medium, they all seem to be for the same type of game.  The familiar formula of building your city, forming your army and fighting your friends has been around since the early days of Civilization on the PC, but it's become all the rage on mobile devices.  Inherently the touch interface on mobile devices and the quick play nature of the medium makes lots of sense for these types of games, and it's been very lucrative for many developers at this point.  Rovio, creater of Angry Birds and familiar curator of mobile gaming is looking to take a slice of the pie away from some of their competitors with the launch of their newest game, Plunder Pirates.

Plunder Pirates follows in the footsteps of many other building and fighting type of games but uses a pirate theme and plenty of unique mechanics to differentiate itself from the pack.  Put together a pirate island, build and upgrade ships and set sail on the open world of, well the whole world in order to fight your friends and climb to the top of the leaderboard.  Setting sail to plunder others' islands isn't the only thing you'll be doing however, as plenty of others will be looking to plunder yours as well.  If you've ever played something like Clash of Clans or one of the many similar types of games out there you'll have a basic idea of how the formula works.  Rovio is enhancing the experience with some truly incredible graphics that are all fully 3D and very rich.

The developers behind the game, Midoki, have taken part in the Rovio Stars development program which allows small developers the opportunity to create rich worlds with Rovio's publishing help.  We've seen a number of other popular games come from this program including Tiny Thief, Jolly Jam and more.  Plunder Pirates first landed on iOS a while ago and has finally made its way onto Android, a trend that Android users are still all too familiar with.  It's annoying to see this happen constantly but we're glad to see Rovio making the right choice and giving over a billion people the opportunity to play their new game.  Check the trailer out below and click the Google Play Store link to try it for yourself for free!

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