Rogers Billing Process Gets Revamped to Lower Customer Complaints


Even since Guy Laurence, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rogers Communications took over, he has one thing on his mind – improving the company with his Rogers 3.0 plan.  The first part of the program was to revamp management, and they did that by eliminating jobs and restructuring the way managers reported to Mr. Laurence.  The third part was to kick-start the company's slow growth – but before they could do that, Rogers needed to handle their second priority…to fix their poor customer service.  A survey from J.D. Power had Rogers at the bottom of the customer satisfaction list among carriers. Earlier this year the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) reported that Rogers' telco-related complaints of 1,240 – second only to Bell at 1,989 – accounted for 22.6-percent of the received complaints.

Rogers' customers say they are frustrated not only at the confusing format of the bill, but at when they call for help, the person in customer service is looking at a different format, making discussions and resolutions difficult and confusing.  Laurence said at the company's annual meeting, "You'd be amazed how much people talk past each other because of things like that…To be successful, our employees need the right tools…This was a huge issue when I joined and we've started to fix it."  He said that Rogers took the savings from last year's reorganization and redirected over $100 million to "fund new positions and fix our systems."  The new system will allow both the customer and the customer service person to view the same style billing, making it easier and less frustrating to fix the problem and hopefully to lower customer complaints.

It seems like Rogers efforts to improve customer service are paying off so far with the annual report showing that customer complaints against Rogers and Fido filed at the end of the commission's 2014 year, dropped 31.5-percent as compared to the industry average drop of only 17-percent.  Laurence hopes to keep fewer customers from leaving the carrier, while at the same time recruiting new customers.  Early in March, Rogers made slight changes to modernize their corporate logo in an effort to update its look.  This latest implementation of their billing system should help.  Laurence said, "Customers deserve good service and we're going to provide it.  If it comes at a cost, whatever cost, I'll find the money from within the company.  We're a big company, we can afford it."


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