Philips Reconfirms High Commitment To Android TV With 80% Of This Year's TVs To Come With The Platform


In spite of what seems to be a lack of available Android TV devices at the moment, this is soon to change. Back at Google's I/O event last year, a number of TV manufacturers were confirmed to be bringing to market TV sets which would come with Android TV functionality built-in. This is, in contrast to the standalone units which have been hitting the market so far. The idea of built-in Android TV will be a major selling point to some customers and especially for those who are interested in Android TV strictly for the TV and video capabilities. The idea of a more natively integrated Android TV experience will likely be of a high value to those potential customers.

Well, a few days ago saw Sony detailing their plans. They were one of those who made their intentions clear at CES and their announcement this week confirmed the models, sizes and prices of which TV units will come with the latest Android platform baked in. Following on from this, it now seems Philips are next to show their colors and provide some more details on what is happening with their Android TV products.


Unlike Sony, Philips (specifically, the TP Vision arm of Philips), has not announced as many specific details as Sony. However, at a recent press conference, it was being reported TP Vision have reconfirmed that the sheer majority of their TV units will come sporting Android TV. In fact, according to the details, no less than 80 percent of their TVs will come with Android TV in tow. Again, this high commitment towards Android TV was something that was suggested at CES, when the company announced they were going 'all-in' with the platform, instead of simply dipping their toes in. Further details state TP Vision plan to launch 38 new Android TVs, in just the first half of 2015. Which will be a significantly higher number than what seems to be coming from the likes of Sony. Not to mention, the number of TVs TP Vision are going to launch, confirms that Android TV will be available across their price structure with as many entry level units offering the Android TV functionality as their high-end ones.

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