Opera Updates their Android App to bring Opera Turbo and Data Savings

Opera Android AH 1

On Tuesday, Opera announced their new update for their Android browser app. It’s a pretty neat update, and brings in a few features that Chrome has had for a while, so if you’ve been looking to jump off of Chrome on mobile, Opera has just made it even easier. In this update, Opera Brings over their Turbo Mode. As the name suggests it makes it the browser faster at loading pages, but also saves you some data. And who doesn’t love saving some bandwidth, especially with the lack of unlimited data plans out there still. It’s not going to save you boat loads of data, but a good 30-40%, depending on the web pages you are visiting.

Another feature Opera brought in their latest update is tab syncing. So now if you use Opera on your desktop, tablet or even another phone, you can now sync those tabs and open them on another device. Making it even easier to pick up where you left off. All you need to do is click the computer-with-arrows icon in the bottom left corner of the tab switcher, and you’ll see all the tabs that have been synced.

The third feature that Opera enabled in this update is automatic text-wrap. You’ve probably had the issue before where you need to zoom into a page that’s not mobile optimized and then swipe left and right to read it. Well now the text will automatically wrap so you don’t have to pan left and right, except for with your eyes. Making for a much more enjoyable experience in Opera for Android. And this is definitely a feature that more and more browsers need to adopt. Especially since there are still a number of websites out there that are not mobile optimized just yet.

You can pick up Opera for Android from the Google Play Store. Also don’t forget to check out our giveaway with Opera. Thanks to Opera we are giving away a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. So you just might want to check that out. All in all, Opera has just made a great browser for Android even better.