OnePlus Send Out Invites For Something Happening On April 20th

oneplus tease

For all the OnePlus One fans out there, it has been an interesting couple of weeks. First up, the big news of late has been the arrival of Android 5.0 (Lollipop). The wait for the One to receive the Lollipop update has been a long one and then the last couple of weeks the build-up was further increased when the OnePlus team announced that Lollipop would be arriving by the end of March in both OnePlus form (OxygenOS) and Cyanogen form (Cyanogen OS 12). Of course, once the date neared, the delay talk began and then commenced a couple of weeks of daily updating. Although, this did all come to a head this week when Cyanogen OS 12 was released, following on from last week’s release of OxygenOS.

Of course, the last few weeks have also seen the matter of April Fool’s Day. OnePlus had been (for some time) hinted at a new product which was about to launch. The buildup behind this was massive with numerous references seeming to suggest a gaming unit or accessory of some sort. When April Fool’s day did arrive, OnePlus did unveil their product and it was not what everyone had thought. The company had hinted that it was a drone, although what was unveiled was a very small mini drone. Regardless, it sold out quite quickly.

Well, if you thought the current cycle of OnePlus speculation had subsided, think again. OnePlus have just sent out the image above on social media which appears to be an invite for April 20th. After the drone episode, it is debatable as to what this could be. However, it was last April the OnePlus One was announced, so it is possible the Two could be announced and then released later in Q3 as previously reported. It could also be to do with the second “cheaper model” smartphone which is supposed to be released as well as the OnePlus Two this year. While, it could be simply that the DR-One (drone) is back in stock or equally as simple, you can now buy the One without the need for an invite. An invite for ‘no invite needed’.