OnePlus One In India Not To Incur Similar Price Rise As Europe

April 8, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Since the OnePlus One went on sale (to those who could score an invite) almost a year ago, the device has quickly evolved into a popular choice. This is largely due to its decent specs mixed in with a very affordable price (compared to other manufacturers). Although it has been almost a year since the device was made available, its availability still remains limited. Firstly, due to the invite system which still remains in place (in spite of an open availability on Tuesdays) and secondly, due to the number of countries in which the device can be purchased from.

At launch, the One was available to sixteen countries. Over the year that availability was extended slowly to India and then also to Indonesia. In fact, very recently OnePlus announced that the One was now available to a number of additional European companies, which saw the biggest increase in availability of the device to date. That said, by controlling the availability of where the device was available, has offered the company the ability to more effectively control a consistent pricing structure across regions. Ensuring the One remains affordable in all territories. However, very recently in Europe, the One has seen a bit of a price hike. While OnePlus pride themselves on offering a device or a competitive price, the reasoning provided for the hike was due to the instability of the Euro which in turn has resulted in the One needing to be marked at a higher price rate in that region.

Well, this price rise immediately started speculation as to whether the One’s price would rise in other regions too. India included. The speculation was further fueled by increases in custom duty in India which had recently been announced in the 2015 budget. Which in turn was expected to have a knock-on effect for the One. However, Vikas Agarwal, India General manager of OnePlus, made it clear that there was no intention to raise the price of the One in India. According to Agarwal “we assure our users that we are constantly evaluating what works best for them; part of that is to continue to make the One available at an attractive price point.” As such, it looks the one will remain at Rs. 18,999 ($305) for the 16GB version and Rs. 21,999 ($353) for the 64GB variant for now.