OnePlus CEO's Weibo Comment Leads To Speculation OnePlus Two Might Not Be Released In Q3 As Scheduled


There is little arguing with the fact that the OnePlus One by OnePlus is a popular device. Owners of the One, promote it vigorously, while the maintaining of the invite system to sell the device, still proves to be a strong influence on sales. This is in spite of the device being made readily available via no-invite sales every Tuesday. In fact, as a direct result of the popularity of the OnePlus One, there is already a huge amount of interest in the company's follow up device, the OnePlus Two (aka OnePlus 2).

With the one year anniversary of the device approaching, it would be expected that the successor, the OnePlus Two was prime for an imminent release. Or at least unveiling. However, it has for awhile now been largely reported that the OnePlus Two is not scheduled to be released until Q3 of this year. Well, now reports are starting to emerge which speculate that the OnePlus Two release date might be held off for another couple of months. With the release of the device possibly occurring much closer towards the end of the year. At the moment this is very much at the rumor stage, although the reports suggest the logic behind such a move is due to OnePlus still seeing sales value in the current One device. This has all stemmed from a message which was sent out on Weibo today from the OnePlus CEO, which states that the OnePlus would be good for the second half of the year.


Of course, another possible reason for OnePlus holding off to the latter part of the year could be to do with the processor issue. It is largest expected that the OnePlus Two will come equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. However, after the recent reports and speculation around the performance of the processor, it is possible OnePlus might be thinking of holding out for the next Qualcomm processor. As such, delaying the OnePlus Two does seem to make some sense from the OnePlus perspective. However, how those who are waiting on the OnePlus Two will feel about another possible delay (and especially after the delay already occurred in waiting for Android 5.0 Lollipop) remains to be seen.

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