OnePlus Announce 'No Invite Needed' Ever Again To Buy The One As Well As Sale On Some Accessories

Oneplus farewell2

In the world of OnePlus, the last few days have been full of speculation. Towards the end of last week, the Chinese startup sent out an invite to a presumed event/announcement on April 20th. As such, those interested in OnePlus began the now-typical OnePlus speculating. What was coming? Well, some thought that maybe it would be the launch (or at least announcing) of the follow-up device to the OnePlus One, the OnePlus Two (officially known now as the ‘OnePlus 2’). It was this time, last year, that the first OnePlus device was officially announced. Therefore, the logic behind today’s announcement being the unveiling and announcing of the OnePlus 2 was a plausible one.

There had also been some rumors circulating that OnePlus are planning on releasing a new (third) device, which will join the ranks of the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2. This is expected to be a cheaper model than the others. In fact, yesterday, a report emerged claiming that this was due to be called the “OnePlus Lite“. This seemed to confirm the notion that OnePlus will release a budget-minded device and even went as far as to suggest that they had it on good authority that the device (in some capacity) would be part of today’s announcement.

Well, unless there is any big announcement still to come from OnePlus, it looks like most of the speculation has been wrong. Instead, OnePlus announced, as the first year anniversary for the OnePlus One is here, the company has decided to open up orders completely. For those still unaware, until today (and with the exception on Tuesday’s), the OnePlus One was only available to buy via an invite system. This meant potential customers had to acquire an invite before they could actually buy the device. From today, that system has changed and for the first time, the One is now available, permanently, without an invite. As a secondary part of the announcement, OnePlus also confirmed that for the next 24 hours they will be offering a 75 percent discount on their premium screen protector as well as flip covers. You can read the full blog post from OnePlus, detailing today’s announcement by clicking the source link below.