Nokia Plans to Return to Smartphone Market Next Year

Nokia Logo AH3


Some time ago, Microsoft decided to purchase Nokia’s smartphone business, presumably to help produce and sell more Windows Phone devices. Essentially, what this meant for the consumer was that the Lumia line of Nokia devices were no longer Nokia devices, and instead became Microsoft Lumia devices. As for the industry however, it meant that we had lost a major player in the smartphone world. Nokia do however, have the right to release new devices into the mobile market, as they showed with the Nokia N1 tablet they launched a little while ago. Re/code is reporting that Nokia is planning to return to the smartphone market as early as next year, and that they have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline.

This move is being led by Nokia Technologies, one of three main divisions left after Microsoft purchased their chunk of the business. Nokia Technologies has been said to have “a lot of great stuff in development” according to Richard Kerris, a former Nokia executive. Nokia Technologies works all over the world with key offices in Sunnyvale in California, Cambridge in England along as well as the Finnish cities of Espoo and Tampere. While Nokia might be focusing on becoming a key player where network equipment is concerned with a planned purchase of Alcatel-Lucent, it would make sense to release their own smartphones.

Not only would the industry trust a network provider that actually knows how devices interact with the equipment they’re trying to sell, but it would also help their brand exposure. “Nokia” is still a powerful word when it comes to smartphones, right now it invokes thoughts of poor business decisions and excellent devices before the smartphone revolution, but soon it could become much more than that. As Amazon has proven, you don’t need Google to sell quality Android devices, and while we can’t see Nokia producing an entire ecosystem from the ground up, it would be interesting to see how Nokia would develop and sell Android smartphones. A partnership with Google would be most likely, and if there’s one name that could negotiate a less rigid deal with Google when it comes to services and promotion it’s Nokia. While not the tale of a Phoenix rising from the ashes, it does hint that there’s a bright future ahead when it comes to Nokia and the mobile industry.