New Render Of Moto 360 Successor Emerges With Rounder Display And Touting An Increased Resolution

Next moto 360 render

Last year saw the launch of an interesting platform in the way of Android Wear. Although, wearables had been circulating for some time, the introduction by Google of a unifying operating system for android wearable devices proved to be a popular one. Quick out of the gate where companies like Samsung and LG who both quickly brought to market their Android Wear offerings. However, the game somewhat changed back in September of last year when Motorola at IFA in berlin unveiled their option, the Moto 360. This was essentially, the first round smartwatch, which turned away from the general momentum of more squarish smartwatches. As such, the round watch from Motorola instantly grabbed people’s attention and also the general public’s approval.

Well, that was last year and so far this year, speculation has already been mounting in terms of how and what Motorola would offer, in way of a successor to the Moto 360. Last month saw an interesting leak emerge which seemed to show the next Moto 360 among a whole bunch of straps and other elements, which suggested the next Moto 360 will come with an extremely high level of customization. Interestingly, this leak came from the CEO of Lenovo, the new(ish) owners of Motorola and as such carried a good deal of weight. More recently, this was followed by rumors suggesting the next Moto 360 will be going under and by the codename “Smelt”.

Well, the latest leak and rumors emerging comes in the form of a new render which has now popped up on Weibo (source link below) showing what seems to be an even rounder version of the Moto 360. If the render is correct, then this highlights that the next Moto 360 is likely to move away from what has commonly been referred to as a ‘flat tyre’ look. This is in spite of keeping what seems to be a same-level of think bezels as the original version. The new leak also suggests that the next Moto 360 will come with a higher resolution than its predecessor. Incidently, the reported resolution of the Moto 360 is said to be 360 x 360 (up from 320 x 290). Either way, with the device likely to debut again at this year’s IFA, it is also likely there will be more rumors, speculation and leaks emerging in the coming weeks and months.