New No. 1 Sun Images Reveal More About the Round Smartwatch's Character


Smartwatches are all the rage these days, with the launch of the Apple Watch bringing the concept into the mainstream thanks to Apple's marketing machine.  Android users have been using smartwatches for years though, to no one's surprise, and as such we've got a considerable amount of options to choose from when shopping for a new smartwatch.  Among the nearly one dozen Android Wear powered smartwatches out there sits a few smartwatches that run on their own custom OS and are designed for use on both Android and iOS.  Last week we got our first glimpse at No.1's first round smartwatch, the No.1 Sun, which does indeed work for both Android and iOS just the same.

The watch itself looks like it would fit right in the realm of something like the LG G Watch R with its styling, featuring a raised ring around the screen and a unique pattern that sets itself apart.  These new images we've received from No. 1 show off different watch bands as well as actual pictures of the watch itself, not just renders as we saw last time.  You can see from the pictures, that the watch features both leather and metal bands and seems to support a regular pin configuration, meaning you should be able to change out the band for whatever band you think goes best with the watch.  The face is brushed metal which is a step up from No. 1's previous watch, the No. 1 G2 which was a take off of Samsung's Gear 2.


The watch isn't fully ready yet, so there's no OS displayed on the screen, but No. 1 has updated their official page with mockups of how the watch will look and function with the OS running.  There's a flat tire on the bottom much like on the Moto 360 and it appears that the OS has been designed around this screen limitation.  There's also a camera on the right side right next to the power button which is highlighted on the official website's images.  No. 1 also details that it is water resistant, allows for music playback, notification support and more.  Check out the official website below for all the details.

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