New Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Unboxing Videos Feature Extended Action Packed Endings

Screenshot 2015 04 17 at 9.26.53 AM

Samsung likes to make videos and with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge being their biggest, most premium and most sought after devices that have hit the market, it is no surprise that the company has released a ton of video to promote the twin S6 devices. There has already been an official unboxing video, not to mention an inboxing video. There was a trio of videos released to promote the various features and numerous videos showing the durability of the two devices and how their durability is tested.

Well, it seems Samsung were not finished with the unboxing videos, after the first official one they released. As such, this week saw the release of six new videos. Although, there was six in total, they were actually only three stories, with each story consisting of a thirty and ninety-second video. This is where things get interesting. Each thirty-second spot consists of a shortened version of the story and represents more of your typical unboxing video. The longer ninety seconds spots are a lot different though. They start off the same as the thirty-second spots and run the exact same thirty-second sequence. However, after the thirty seconds, everything changes and the videos turn from being a typical unboxing video to an over the top, all out, action sequence.

As mentioned, two of these videos (technically four) were released earlier in the week. The first of them highlight living on the edge (with the Edge) in a Parkour video. Following this, the second set of videos focuses on the notifications aspect of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Lastly, the newest set of videos (which were only released yesterday) focuses on the fast charge ability of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. In particular, the ten minute/4 hour charge and what you can do in those ten minutes. Or in this case, what crazy things can happen within that ten minute period. Anyway, you can check out all the videos below. The first, third and fifth videos will be the thirty-second spots and the second, four, and sixth will be the longer and more adventurous videos. Make sure to check them all out.