Motorola Says Happy April Fools Day With The Moto Selfie Stick

If you are reading this article then chances are you know that technology companies love April 1st. The reason for this is obvious, it's April Fools day. The company that seems to have started this trend is Google, who has been pulling pretty elegant and well thought out April Fools day jokes since its existence. People seemed to be taking a liking to Google making a big deal out of April Fools day and other technology giants took notice of this. So now, years later, you will notice that more and more technology companies are pulling some pretty great gags on April Fools day.

This year though, April Fools day started a bit early with Google beginning their fun yesterday, three days before April first. Other technology companies have started early too, most notably, Samsung. Today, the smartphone manufacturer introduced something that they called the "Galaxy Blade Edge," which they called the world's first smart knife. Google has also continued their April Fools fun into today with things like allowing people to play Pac-Man within Google Maps and something called 'Google Panda.'  And now, tonight, Motorola has decided to join the April Fools party.

Tonight Motorola introduced something that they are calling the "Moto Selfie Stick," which is obviously a joke. Despite this, it looks like Motorola put a decent amount of effort into creating a minute and a half long YouTube video that shows off  the Moto Selfie Stick in a Motorola-like fashion. In said YouTube video, a couple of who appear to be experienced craftsmen, go into detail about their carefully crafted Moto Selfie Sticks. It is from these craftsmen that we learn that the Moto Selfie Stick comes in different materials, similar to the Moto X. There is even a model of the Moto Selfie Stick that is made of real wood and wrapped in real leather, pretty cool right?

Just to be clear here guys, no, the Moto Selfie Stick is not real. It is just Motorola getting involved with the April Fools day fun, which is great. Seeing all of these technology companies take part in a little tradition they seem to have built is really nice to see. The 31st is coming to an end, which means that April Fools day is officially tomorrow. Get ready for even more April Fools day jokes from these companies like Motorola.

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