Mophie Juice Pack for LG G4 Packs Double the Battery Life Inside


Battery life has been a struggle ever since screens ballooned from the tiny 1.5-inch screens on feature phones to the massive 5-inch plus screens on today's smartphones.  As such battery life went down the tubes for a while until manufacturers could figure out a way to fit a bigger battery in an ever thinner space, not to mention the obvious software tweaks and changes needing to be made as well.  As a result we've seen an ebb and flow in battery sizes with the median size ranging somewhere in the 2,600-3,200mAh size range, usually giving users around a day's worth of normal usage in one charge.  LG has seen the light and realized that phones don't need to keep getting thinner, they need to make sure to feature a big enough battery to actually get through a full day, and actually in today's unveiling of the LG G4 they quoted over a full day's use in the battery.

But what if you're someone that needs extra battery life and doesn't want to deal with carrying around an additional battery in a bag that needs to be swapped out?  Mophie has been making its Juice Pack cases for some time now and they're really fantastic cases, not to mention the truly big feature that's packed inside that case: a 3,450mAh battery.  Yes, that's right, this isn't just any old case that's protecting your brand new multi-hundred dollar smartphone, it also doubles as a battery that's larger than the 3,000mAh battery inside the G4 itself.  The best part about this is that when you're in need of extra juice all you need to do is flip the switch on the case and your G4 begins recharging itself via the battery included in the case, no need to turn off the phone and disassemble the back.


As the LG G4 isn't even out yet the case is not quite available yet either, but Mophie has started a pre-order campaign on their website (source link below) with an estimated ship date of late June.  The case runs $99.95 so it's a bit more expensive than your ordinary run-of-the-mill case, but, this is so much more than those kinds of cases anyway.  Those interested in picking one up can pre-order from the Mophie website, from your favorite online shop or brick and mortar store when it becomes available.

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